Choklat Stout


So it begins. The first beer I’m examining is an old favorite so that I can focus on enjoying my beer while I get through the anxiety of writing about beer. Life is rough. Southern Tier‘s Choklat is a sleeper of a beer. It lives up to its name, drinking like dark chocolate milk with hints of vanilla and caramel, yet hides a whopping 11%ABV. Most beers this strong have an intense taste, or at least a bitterness that hints at high alcohol content. This beer drinks like a candy bar, but without the disgustingly sweet connotation a statement like that might imply. This is certainly not ¬†overpoweringly sweet, but rather has a broad variety of flavors that are uncommon in a beer that complement this imperial stout quite nicely.


Upon first pour the beer has a slightly foamy head that smells distinctly of cocoa powder. The other flavors present in this drink aren’t really apparent from the first sniff, but the head quickly dissipates, allowing the subtleties of this beer to come out from hiding. I’m partial to dark beers, and often use this delicious drink to entice friends who don’t often venture out of lighter beers or mixed drinks. More often than not, it’s a real hit with folks who wouldn’t commonly drink stouts.

In summary, this beer is highly recommended. It’s typically a winter beer, so you may have to wait a couple of months to find it at your local beer retailer, but we’ve got a liquor store around here that seems to have a never-ending supply. Grab one and share it with a friend or sip for dessert after a rich meal!

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