Unibroue Ephemere

Unibroue Ephemere

Today we’re examining a rather peculiar and delicious beer. Unibroue Ephemere is a white ale brewed with apple juice, and, to paraphrase my good friend Jordan, it’s the best cider-like drink you’ll have that isn’t a cider. Everything about this beer can be summed up in one word: mirth. The angelic figure on the label surrounded by flowers and apples is a depiction of pure beauty. In fact, I must say that all of Unibroue’s beers have particularly impressive and wonderful labels. I’m often commenting on the packaging and artwork of the music I review, but rarely does a beer have a label so gorgeous. I’m sure I’ll review other Unibroue beers in the future and I’ll have the same thing to say. I’m instantly calmed by the label on this beer and the presentation as a whole. Beer is an art, so I appreciate the detail here. Anyway, on to the beer itself.

Unibroue Ephemere Pour

The initial pour of Unibroue Ephemere presents an incredibly foamy head with a dark blonde body, although the foam dissipates quite quickly, leaving an almost champagne-like effervescent quality. The scent is sweet and airy, but the taste is rich with golden raisin and tart apple flavors, balanced out slightly by the faintest hint of spices. I can feel a slight tingle from the bubbles rising within the beer and it’s so relaxing. At 5.5% ABV, this beer isn’t knocking me over with alcoholic taste nor is it intoxicating in any sense other than its magnificent taste. The sweetness and smoothness of this beer ease my entire body. After a long day at work, this is a highly desirable drink with which to unwind.

The name Ephemere relates to impermanence, which I take to indicate the brief yet wonderful vacation this beer provides me with. It also indicates that this is a seasonal ale, which means you should be out hunting for this one while you can. I’m pretty certain it’s a summer ale, so its days on the shelves are numbered. Find your nearest retailer, grab a bottle, and bask in the last days of warmth before autumn begins and the cold weather clothes come out.

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