No Trust- “Unfound” CD

Cover of No Trust's Debut CD

After yesterday’s Geryon review, I felt like I needed a little more guitar in my life. Today I’m reviewing the debut CD from San Francisco sibling duo No Trust, which is almost a counterbalance to Geryon. This twosome has chosen to eschew bass guitar in their live shows, but does include it on this album for a full range of sound. How do they recreate this sludgy tone live? Simple enough, they use run their guitar through a bass cab and let it do double duty. While these two brothers could easily be written off as either exclusionary or stubborn, the clear chemistry these two display onĀ Unfound is something that would likely be hard to recreate with even a third member.

This album is heavy on metallic groove that might appeal to fans of more prominent groups in metal, yet there’s a certain urgency and intensity here that makes this far more palatable to me than bigger name acts. Instead of channeling the generic wrath of Lamb of God, I find the low-end guitar assault paired with deranged vocals and constant, fluid drumming reminds me of a more focused, meaty cousin to The Abominable Iron Sloth. In the last sentence I used the word constant. Constant is the single best word to describe No Trust’s music on a broader level. The pace of songs varies, as do some of the tricks in their bag, but there are no frills whatsoever here. This is just aggressive, pummeling heavy metal with throaty vocals that could easily place itself among larger acts with a persistent touring schedule and the right promotion. There are occasional moments where the band drops into breakdowns and similar tricks, but they’re far more tastefully done than many metalcore type bands would implement. If the mainstream community could bend itself to a more raw, violent sound like this, I’d probably be among the first to hop aboard. Where this music does well on album, I can imagine it truly excels live, where the band can build off the energy of the crowd.

Copies of this album can be obtained directly from No Trust’s website, along with shirts featuring the album cover and band name.

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