Exclusive Stream: Khfiva- “Tide and Light”

Khfiva II

It’s been about a year since we last heard from the enigmatic Khfiva, whose debut tape from Male Activity was one of my favorite albums of 2013. As the first website to share word about this brilliant album, I feel it’s only appropriate that I outdo myself this time around by actually sharing a song with my readers. Male Activity as a label typically has no audio presence, as the music is consistent enough to sell itself, but I’ve received direct permission to debut a song for my readers’ enrichment.

As a whole, Khfiva’s second offering, II, is a slightly more active album than the first, but the melancholy and beauty are still equally present. Whereas the first album reminded me of personal reflection in an empty room, II is the soundtrack for a lonely yet blissful world blanketed in snow. Not the blizzards that scare and overwhelm, but the cool familiarity of sunrise over a snow-covered field. There is peace in isolation, and Khfiva’s anonymous mastermind seems to hold the key to the perfect balance of contentment from being alone and the slight sense of longing for actual human contact.

On “Tide and Light” we see acoustic guitars fusing with the familiar drones of Khfiva’s past work to create something cold and beautiful. You can practically envision an icy, clear winter night sky. You can see your breath as you look up and imagine how tiny you are in the grand scheme of things. The world is still and quiet, but everything is moving, changing, growing, and dying at its own rate. Even the earth around you will one day cease to be, but in this perfect moment, all is beautiful and alive. Take a moment and listen with your eyes closed, then go to Male Activity’s store and purchase a copy of this fantastic ambient experience.

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