Ivory Antler Releases Fistula/Radiation Sickness Split, Announces Bongripper Release

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One of Black Metal & Brews’ favorite record labels, Ivory Antler Recording & Publication, has just released an album and announced the impending release of another. These have been in the pipeline for quite some time, so it’s really exciting to see these albums finally seeing the light of day after a massive relocation and some fundraising in the form of label folks selling off items from their personal collections. These two releases will show Ivory Antler continuing with their commitment to putting out audiophile-friendly albums by bands who make challenging and fun music. This time around, we’re seeing two offerings of sludgy heavy metal mastery from some seriously respectable artists.

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First up is the new split 12″ record from heavyweights Fistula and Radiation Sickness. Limited to 300 copies, there are 100 on black vinyl and 200 on “Fallout” green and purple haze vinyl. Whether you’re into the bludgeoning sludge ferocity of Fistula or the grind-heavy assault from Radiation Sickness, this is an appropriate pairing of two artists whose works complement each other without feeling like two sides of the same tired old coin. Copies of this split are already for sale from Ivory Antler and it’s likely they won’t last long, so grab it while you can.

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Next is the announcement that the legendary album Heroin from instrumental doomlords Bongripper will be up for order in about a week. The album has been remastered for vinyl by the band and the artwork for the release was done entirely by Ivory Antler mastermind Alexander Toulas. It will be exclusively released on 180 gram 2xLP format for the enjoyment of collectors and sound geeks alike. Again, 300 copies of this beast will be released upon the world. 100 copies will be on black vinyl while the other 200 will be on “Overdose” clear and red splatter vinyl. Keep an eye out for this album’s official ordering information on Ivory Antler’s Facebook page.

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