Black Metal of the Americas Vol. VI Now On Sale!

black metal of the americas

Fans of my website are likely already familiar with the stellar print zine Black Metal of the Americas, but I’m doing a blurb here to show some support to these fine folks either way. With five issues already out (most of which are still available for purchase directly from the source), they’re only gaining momentum. With 80 pages of interviews, editorials, and even a handful of choice reviews, the sixth issue of Black Metal of the Americas is a worthy addition to the collection of any zine or music fan. These fellas have certainly inspired some of the direction I’ve taken here on Black Metal & Brews and are easily some of the most outspoken supporters of the community.

Artists interviewed in this edition include Gilead Media‘s black thrash fiends Hexer, wrathful one-woman black metal artist Cronesmoon, and even rising stars like Ashencult, Clouds Collide, and Woe. One particularly interesting feature is an editorial on a certain controversial album cover from that has been making the rounds in the extreme music community. Regardless of your stance on the album cover in question and the issues it poses, the folks at Black Metal of the Americas have written one of the more thoroughly researched think pieces on the topic of what we permit in black metal in the name of extreme art. Reviews include greats like Gris, Vaura, Urzeit, and Yellow Eyes, among many others.

Art for this issue was created by Scott Wygmans and  the amusingly named Butt Coffin and it appears that this zine is only becoming more professional and serious over time. While the occasional typo can be found, that’s half the charm of zines like Black Metal of the Americas (and hopefully websites like Black Metal & Brews). For a mere five bucks (plus a dollar for shipping) you can snag this zine and show it off to all your friends. Act quickly, this is a pretty popular publication.

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