Colossloth- “Anchored by Lungs” EP

Colossloth- Anchored by Lungs

With a name that just screams “massive and slow” like Colossloth, I hope you’ll forgive me for having initially mistook this artist for a stoner doom band of some sort. You see, writing about music gives me great opportunities to hear fantastic new music, but it also means I see a lot of bands with names that set me up for exactly what I’ll experience. I still listen to everything that comes my way, but some bands just make it too easy for me to pigeonhole them before I’ve even heard a song. I was happily surprised when I visited Colossloth’s Anchored by Lungs and found that it was indeed massive and slow, but had little to do with metal at all.

What Anchored by Lungs presents is an ominous experiment in hybridizing most of the genres I feature on this website that tantalizes, confuses, and disappears all within a span of approximately ten minutes. This is, at its heart, a drone album, but not the kind that simply sits in one or two places for a few minutes before changing. Instead, bass frequencies and tense strings set a backdrop for a general feeling of dread and anxiety. Sounds spiral in and around the listener as if drawn in by a vacuum. The cyclical nature of Clossloth’s music is perhaps the only constant on this brief album, yet it’s a perfect foundation around which to build up these songs. Shrill notes come in without being quite as abrasive as much of the noise genre, allowing for an enjoyable dangerous feeling that doesn’t threaten to damage hearing (unless played at higher volumes, of course). The fusion of organic and electronic is seamless here and I often find myself unable to discern the origin of each sound. Whether it’s piano and violin contrasting swells of buzzing static and industrial percussion or oscillating higher frequencies that cut through layers of strings, this is perfectly dark and will likely appeal to fans of noise, dark ambient, and possibly even the drone-heavy side of the metal genres.

Colossloth is prepared to unleash a full-length some time this year, so keep an eye out and download this EP from Peripheral Records while you wait. For three pounds (approximately five dollars here in the states) you get some of the most intriguing experimental drone I’ve heard in a while. This is truly haunting music and it begs for repeated plays. I look forward to hearing and sharing more from this artist in months to come, so keep an eye on my website for more from Colossloth as it comes to light.

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