Sorc’henn & L’Acephale- “Will of the Abyss” CS

Will of the Abyss

Artist collaborations are something that almost always bring me joy. Whether it’s two artists whose music I already enjoy, two completely new names, or a mixture of the familiar and foreign, I love seeing creative minds challenged and invigorated ┬áby working with a new partner. In this case, we’re exploring two artists who are new to me, Sorc’henn & L’Acephale. I’ve seen the name of L’Acephale floating around for quite some time, but will admit that this is my introduction to their music. When Union Finale passed this along to me, I knew it would be a challenge for me to digest, but I have welcomed and embraced it at this point. What I’ve found here is that, much like the Rei Rea release from the same label, Will of the Abyss is experiential and sensory more than it is something that can be dissected as a typical piece of music.

For one, trying to analyze instrumentation on this release is something that escapes my amateur ears. I’m not a musician, so the unconventional sounds this pairing comes up with are completely new and mesmerizing. I have no idea what sends the meandering melody out across the void in the first portion of “…Atomization…Into Meaninglessness” but it calls to me nonetheless. Perhaps the fact that I can’t identify the origin of the sounds as much as the feeling of the sounds is part of what makes this album so intriguing for me. The bleakness of this album strikes me as more soothing than it is overwhelming, more akin to the final comforts of entering non-existence than the fear and anxiety that may precede it. Indeed, this album seems to meditate on the great emptiness which we defy daily with our consciousness, as temporary as our escape is. Still, this album exalts it rather than utilizing it as a symbol of negativity. If we came from nothingness and shall return to nothingness, it seems clear that nothingness should be held sacred and Sorc’henn & L’Acephale have created a truly fitting tribute to this concept.

Copies of this experimental offering are available from Union Finale. As always, if you’re reading this, it’s because I think this is good enough for you to purchase, so I urge you to do it before the option no longer exists. Grab the rest of the label’s releases while you’re there, as they’re consistently golden.

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