Waves Crashing Piano Chords- “Just Give Me Something to Fuck”

Waves Crashing Piano Chords album cover

Pain. Self-loathing. Perversion. These are the driving forces behind Rochester noise maniac Sean Beard’s compositions under the moniker Waves Crashing Piano Chords. Some noise musicians go for subtlety or experimentation. Beard is not from that school of thought. While there is absolutely a sense that he enjoys what he does and is trying to push boundaries, it’s more likely that he’s testing to see how long he can retain a consistent audience than he is intent on opening new listeners to the genre. Indeed, his self-dubbed “Juggalo Power Electronics” is sure to sicken outsiders who like to namedrop Merzbow or Neubauten to give some pretentious semblance of understanding the horrors of noise. For the daring, however, Beard’s newest offering, Just Give Me Something to Fuck is a screeching and mind-numbing experiment in excess.

Waves Crashing Piano Chords live

Folks familiar with Waves Crashing Piano Chords’ prior releases will be slightly surprised by the new kind of depravity on Just Give Me Something to Fuck. Beard’s tendency to create confrontational blasts of sound and verbal provocation has been almost entirely abandoned here in favor of a single instrumental track that runs for nearly twenty-two minutes. But don’t worry, these aren’t safe sounds for folks who take comfort in the droning side of noise. In fact, about halfway through this churning, metallic journey, Beard latches onto a single, extremely unsettling high frequency and just lets it ride for what feels like minutes but is more likely about thirty seconds. The tendency towards the uncomfortable is what fans of Waves Crashing Piano Chords can revel in, knowing that this project is never about self-restraint or making friends. With incredibly limited releases and live performances that seem designed to end in fist-fights or public masturbation, this is about alienating as many people as possible to find those who remain. The scraping, screaming noise of Just Give Me Something to Fuck is among the most memorable encounters I’ve had with Beard’s art, as this isn’t something that can be easily forgotten. This is the misfiring of synapses as the prey falls under the weight of its captor. This is the end of all thought as primal power takes control in a place where words lose meaning and sheer panic is all the remains.

Only eight copies of this album were pressed to vinyl, but there are many other gems available from the Waves Crashing Piano Chords bigcartel. Whether you’re there to pick up some of his label’s 8-track tapes or the fantastic 5-way split between WCPC and heavy hitters Rosy Palms, Swallowing Bile, Sunken Cheek, and Foot and Mouth Disease, you’ll be sure to terrify anybody unfortunate enough to be in your vicinity when you play your newest purchases.