Twilight Fauna Streams New Song, “An Autumn Longing”

Twilight Fauna LP

Those of us who keep our eyes and ears open for new music at all times are likely well aware of Appalachian black metal artist Twilight Fauna. Since 2012, sole member Ravenwood has unleashed a sizable handful of demos, EPs, full-lengths, and even a couple split albums. Today, however, this act has shared pre-orders for its first proper vinyl LP release, Hymns for a Forgotten Homeland. In addition to the swirling turmoil of guitars and earthen emotion that make for Ravenwood’s uniquely Appalachian sound, there are strong elements of traditional regional folk and even a hint of southern rock that creep in to make this record familiar for fans of Twilight Fauna while still carving out entirely new territory.

Today I’m honored to share the third track from Hymns for a Forgotten Homeland, “An Autumn Longing.” This track stands out from the rest of the album as a ghostly, shimmering piece of melancholy, created entirely with acoustic instruments. In the middle of the raw pain and intensity that makes up most of Twilight Fauna’s music, there is something so painfully bare and vulnerable about this song that it will follow you long after the album is over. Its placement amid so many offerings of scorching, timeless black metal only makes it more evocative.

Pre-orders for Hymns for a Forgotten Homeland are up in the Fragile Branch store. All orders placed before July 4th will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a test pressing of this album. With a limitation of 250 copies, this isn’t painfully scarce, but Twilight Fauna’s growing name and the label’s reputation for pure quality leave me certain that this is worth grabbing sooner than later.  For now, enjoy “An Autumn Longing” and get ready for this journey of nostalgia, soul-searching, and endless stretches of undisturbed nature.