Beer Camp Day Two: Tater Ridge & Field of Spears

Beer Camp

Welcome to the second installment of Black Metal & Brews’ coverage of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp collaboration box. Hopefully you guys have the energy for another ten days of this. I know I sure do. Today we’re visiting with Tater Ridge and yet another excellent tape from Colloquial Sound Recordings, Field of Spears, which makes for an earthy and deeply rooted pairing. I’ll keep my words limited on this post, as I hope you’ll do as I’m doing and cut to the chase. Today’s video features a verbal flub or two, which I’m sure you’ll cherish as I have. Thanks for tuning in guys. If you’ve got the spare cash, grab a copy of this tape. You won’t regret it. Tomorrow we’re getting ugly again, so hopefully the soothing tunes provided here are enough to prepare you for what’s to come.