Beer Camp Day Three: Torpedo Pilsner & Ornamental Headpiece

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Alright folks, welcome to day three of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp & Colloquial Sound Recordings extravaganza on Black Metal & Brews. Today things are starting to get a bit intense, with violently named beers and aggressive black metal bands pairing together to decimate the palate and ears. I’ve already shared a review of Ornamental Headpiece on here, but it’s worth revisiting for newer viewers and those who prefer videos to my drab writing. I’ll admit that the views I expressed about this pilsner, a collaboration with Firestone Walker, aren’t as favorable as I’d have hoped, but this is all for the sake of honesty. So, if you’re a reader who purchased the box and felt differently or if you’re one of the breweries and would like to have a chat about this, you can get in touch with me. Thanks, as always, and tune in for a video below. If you’re intrigued by what you hear, purchase the tape here or buy a download here.