Beer Camp Day Eight: Double Latte & A Pregnant Light OLQ Split

Colloquial Sound Recordings banner

It’s the eighth day of my journey to Beer Camp and it’s a big one. Today we’re featuring what is perhaps the most visible Colloquial Sound Recordings act, A Pregnant Light. As I’m aware that A Pregnant Light is often fueled by coffee and embraces a sort of darkness, I figured a coffee-based stout was an ideal pairing for this cassette, the classic split with Obscure Lupine Quietus. You’ll see in this video that I’m quite impacted by A Pregnant Light’s songwriting and atmosphere, often to the point of speechlessness. I hope that my simple offering of a video sharing my fondness for this album and this excellent drink, provided in collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing Company and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, will convey the beauty of these things without as many words. I know I mention an earlier feature on A Pregnant Light in this video. It can be found on my old blogspot, as I have not yet moved all of my posts to this site.