Beer Camp Day Nine: Maillard’s Odyssey & Diamond Mare’s “Lost in Orchards”

Beer Camp

Okay readers, we’re a day late thanks to a lengthy malfunction from YouTube, but here we are with another edition of Black Metal Beer Camp. Today we get a little out there, with a deep dense album and a beer to match. If Diamond Mare’s Lost in Orchards sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can stream it in full or even purchase a copy still. The beer’s a collaboration with Bell’s Brewery, who make some pretty incredible drinks, so grab a beer from them if it’s an option where you live. As always, this video is brought to you by my love of Colloquial Sound Recordings (who allowed me to do these even though they’re not craft beer folks in any way) and my purchase of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp box. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow for day ten.