Beer Camp Day Eleven: Yonder Bock & Dressed in Streams’ “The Search for Blood”

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We’re nearing the end of this twelve post series, and I guess I needed a helping hand, because I took inspiration from my friend, twitter user @metaltxt, who also purchased and shared thoughts on the Beer Camp box. Given his¬†strong opinion on the Yonder Bock collaboration between Cigar City and Sierra Nevada, I thought it would be interesting to allow him to choose a Colloquial Sound Recordings tape to pair with this beer. While I gently poke at his wording about the album to keep in true spirit of the hilarity of metal.txt, I couldn’t agree more with his thoughts and choice of tape. Watch the video and see what I think of the beer and what he had to say about Dressed in Streams’¬†The Search for Blood. Tomorrow will see the final installment of our Beer Camp series. I hope it’ll be a worthy ending to this enjoyable experiment.