Beer Camp Day Twelve: Yvan the Great & Vestal Virgin’s “Answer the Call”

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Today brings the greatly delayed final video of my twelve part series in which I drank beers from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp box and played tapes from different Colloquial Sound Recordings artists. Many things conspired against me making this final post, for which I apologize. I had major technological issues (I’m pretty bad at this, I’ll admit) that set me back about three days. Yesterday I came home from work early with symptoms of something resembling a fever. Since I have not run a temperature once in the past 48 hours, I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of stress and anxiety. I’m addicted to productivity. Unfortunately, this causes me to run myself into the ground in the name of getting things done. I’m taking a few days away from everything now that this series is over because I’m so exhausted I can barely get out of bed.

Silly excuses and justification aside, this was a really fun video to make, although it’s a bummer that this brief series is over. I hope you guys have enjoyed all twelve videos and will support the bands and breweries involved. It was a pretty big exercise for me and I’d like to think it was a total success, despite the many delays. When I return from my brief filming break, I’ll be back to my regular content of just picking beers and tapes at random with no real purpose for pairings, but I hope it’ll still be engaging and fun for you guys. Anyway, without rambling any longer, I present the final video of my twelve day beer camp adventure, a presentation of Sierra Nevada and Russian River’s Yvan the Great alongsideĀ Answer the Call by Vestal Virgin.