Northumbria & Famine debut video for “Blood Orchid”

Northumbria & Famine

Toronto-based drone wizards Northumbria are no strangers to Black Metal & Brews. Whether it’s their haunting ethereal tones that seem to stretch for miles or their beautifully reworked songs at the hands of greats like Theologian, this duo has captivated the interest of much of the experimental music underground in just a couple years’ time. Their latest release, Blood Orchid, is a collaborative effort with Famine and is currently available from UK label Cathedral Transmissions on a 3″ cdr. Fans of the act’s past works will instantly feel at home here, yet there is an unsettling current running throughout that will tingle at the back of your skull as you listen. With a simple yet stunning layout from the talented Stephen Wilson, this album is a solid example of consistency of atmosphere.

The sole track on this new release, “Blood Orchid,” has an accompanying video from Dominic F. Marceau, which you can watch below. Don’t expect it to make perfect sense or to be an easy experience. The churning feeling in your stomach will pair nicely with the entire video experience. I’d give you a play-by-play on this challenging watch, but it’s best experienced for yourself, ideally in a darkened room with headphones. Get ready to lose yourself for the next sixteen minutes.