DEATHSTENCH Unleashes Track to Coincide With Eclipse


Black noise act DEATHSTENCH should be anything but foreign to regular readers here on Black Metal & Brews. Some of you may recall the posting of a track entitled “Blood on Black Hilt” to coincide with the first blood moon eclipse earlier this year. With this previous effort in mind, their newest song, “Crowned Brow of the Serpent,” is here to commemorate and honor the second blood moon eclipse of the current tetradic series of four.

DEATHSTENCH’s black noise sides heavily towards the “black” portion of the spectrum on this offering, appearing as an ascendant and terrifying black metal piece, completed by jagged mechanical edges and a few hints of ritualistic ambiance. This track’s six minutes push by far too quickly for these masochistic ears, yet the horrors generated linger long after the song fades away into silence. From the initial buzz and scrape that builds into the band’s lunar frenzy to the droning crackles at its end, there is a pulse running through the song that channels something primal, almost ancient. Perhaps it’s an instinct or force of nature, but the pacing of this track hits a rhythm that is nearly hypnotic. For all the twists and turns captured in this brief period, the music flows in and through the listener seamlessly. Turn out the lights, look to the sky, and turn your volume up. Check out “Crowned Brow of the Serpent” below.