Eblis- “Knowing”

Eblis- "Knowing"

Short albums (EPs, demos, and the like) are a fascination of mine. In part, it’s because it’s easy to digest them in a short period of time, but honestly what fascinates me most is how time distorts with a brief listening experience. Sometimes a ten minute album feels half the length. With a release like Knowing by Eblis, even the first four minute track feels like a lengthy journey. In its short fifteen minutes, Knowing expands well beyond the time frame in which it is heard and carries the listener elsewhere. At the end, there isn’t the sense that something fleeting occurred, but rather that time’s flow stopped to allow such an experience to present itself.

Bearing the Islamic name for the devil, Eblis creates music that is soul-searching and raw. These three tracks are the sort of black metal that hides beneath layers of guitar fuzz, with percussion and vocals cracking through the veil of strings and distortion. Melody presents itself as a strong component, yet is often repeated to a point of droning. The hypnotic effect of the guitars is what gives this release its sense of time standing still. Nodding along almost conjures peaceful images for moments at a time, but often fades to a dark, constant place of solemnity and wanting. The galloping pace that opens “Diogenes Casting the Fowl” sets the listener into a land of endless wandering only to drop off into shimmering and uncomfortable passages. For something as rooted in melody and beauty as Knowing, it’s surprising how noisy and messy this release gets at times. It’s rare for a release to capture the feeling of filthy, confrontational black noise just as much as it captures the sense of majesty often associated with cleaner, nature-inspired black metal acts, but somehow this is exactly what Eblis achieves. By the end of “The Pagan Lands, The Pagan Barrens,” it seems that this music evokes the notion that the search for purpose holds greater purpose than anything else. What good is a final outcome when the journey is the point? Eblis seems to have an idea, let’s hope this release leads the way for more.

Knowing will soon be released on cassette from Lacklustre Records so keep an eye out. In the meantime, download it and pay a buck or two so we can hurry along towards the next offering from Eblis.