Dö- “Den”

Do- Den

Stoner metal is one of those little communities where things can be either really derivative or really fun and raucous. If we’re bothering to spend the next few minutes reading about something, then it’s pretty apparent it falls into the latter category. Meet , whose sludgy offering Den is an absolute blast to listen to and a good way to spend the next half hour of your life. This Finnish trio, fronted by the amusingly named Deaf Hank, seems hellbent on churning out the heaviest, gnarliest music possible while fending off the depressing weight off life with black humor, a good drink or two, and a band name that’s just about impossible to Google.

Opener “For the Worms” cuts in with a typically bluesy riff played on an acoustic guitar just long enough to set the pace. Once a rhythm is established, the band plugs in with little warning, just a roar and the stomping of everything coming together all at once. Sabbath and Sleep inspired riffs are tempered with a touch of modern thickness and vocals that drip with madness, serving as a bridge between traditional stoner metal and more modern death metal vocal styles. The pairing is apt, keeping these Finns’ efforts from sounding derivative or borrowed but still holding onto a familiar thread, especially thanks to consistent drumming that remains interesting without being too showy. Another key piece of the puzzle here is variation in the form of occasional solos and simple flourishes on the guitar. Again, nothing comes across as showboating, but much of the work here displays competence and a knowledge of when to lay back and let the rest of the band carry the song. Teamwork is Dö’s greatest strength, and these four songs are the result of a hardworking team. As an aside, something tells me this band is an absolute delight live, so let’s hope they gain popularity and tour outside their region.

Den is currently only available as a digital album, but this is a plus for those who feel like choosing what to pay. They’ve also got another EP up on bandcamp so if this isn’t enough doom for you yet, you’ve got another heaping handful at your disposal. Get on it now.