Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea & Sea Witch

After another absence from video reviews, it’s time we got back to business. Today we’re exploring the highly nautical pairing of Ballast Point‘s Victory at Sea imperial porter with coffee and vanilla and Sea Witch‘s As Above…So Below tape set from Small Doses. I’ve decided that featuring tapes with unique and enticing packaging in videos is a lot of fun, so I hope this is the start of an exciting new trend for Black Metal & Brews.

The beer’s a strong one and the tape requires a lot of focus on the listener’s part, so hopefully you’ve got it in you to really lose yourself in these two. If not, you can spend the next few minutes watching me attempt it and leave it at that. I hope you’ll share your thoughts on band and beer and make recommendations or requests for videos to come. I’ve got a couple things planned for the next video or two but I’m always excited by suggestions and new ideas.