Anchor’s Our Special Ale 2014 & Old Witch

This video was one I meant to film a few weeks ago, but sickness got the best of me. I’ve always wanted to try Anchor Brewing’s seasonal winter offering but circumstances prevented me year after year, so I finally made up for it this year and snagged a six-pack of Our Special Ale 2014. You’ll see in the video that I had been previously unable to listen to this tape before filming, so everything discussed is based on my bandcamp perusings. Old Witch do a great job, but I feel that my failure to recognize the exact contents of the tape’s B-side really sells the tape short in this video. I mistakenly state that “Olde Spyrits Haunt the Thickets” is the new bonus track, when it is in fact simply the last song on the album. What is it, you ask? It’s a SINGLE MASSIVE SONG that occupies the B-side of the October’s Ritvals edition. Why so massive? It’s a Lovecraft tale with Old Witch providing the backdrop for the narrative. It’s immense and overwhelming in all of the best ways. (My apologies to band and label–I filmed this around midnight after putting in a nine hour work day)

So, the video follows here, and I’ll admit I had the best time ever filming this. I realize I gave you guys two doomy tapes back to back so expect the next video to have some serious black metal going on. I may also dabble in noise, electronic, or other varieties of music in future videos if you, dear reader/viewer, are into it. Want to share your thoughts? I’d be delighted to hear them.