Homebrew Review #1: A Grimoire Records Special

Readers, viewers, countrymen, lend me your patience. Today I’m debuting my first review of somebody’s homebrew. I’m sure most of you may know, but this is simply a beer that somebody (in this case, Noel Mueller of Grimoire Records) made all on their own. Because of this, there are no fancy labels or breweries for me to tout, just a candid description of the beer. Since this was made by the head of Grimoire Records, I elected to pair it with a cassette from the very same label, Mirror Unveiled by Barbelith. I made a few mistakes in this video, as I’m sure you’ll see, but the extreme limitation of this beer and the fact that I’d rather be real with my errors than pretend this is a spotless endeavor forced me to go on with it regardless. I enjoyed the beer and the tape, and I hope you’ll enjoy watching me get surprised.

I’m probably going to edit my YouTube videos’ titles at this point so that I can designate the variety of the review, especially since zine reviews (and possibly other product reviews) are coming in the near future.