Synths & Suds: Southern Tier’s Choklat & Prurient

For the second edition of my Synths & Suds miniseries on YouTube, I decided to take a step back to my roots. Here you’ll find a video in which I discuss the very first beer I reviewed on Black Metal & Brews, paired with a tape from one of the artists that helped me begin my discovery of experimental and noise music. While each of these has the potential to be a polarizing experience within its own communities, I feel they’re both holding up relatively well after a few years’ time. I’d like to think that a decade from now I’ll still be able to enjoy them just as much as I do now.

With Time’s Arrow, Prurient took a more beat-oriented approach to its growing industrial influences. With Choklat, Southern Tier managed to make a chocolate stout that doesn’t taste like complete garbage to me. Let’s get nostalgic together with this video. The next video will be an even more unconventional step for Black Metal & Brews before I bring it back with another classic beer and metal video. I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am.