Noctis- “Through the Abyssal Eye” Review + Song Stream

Noctis- "Through the Abyssal Eye"

Is atmospheric death metal a thing now? Eugene, Oregon based act Noctis seems intent on making it so. While I’ve documented many fantastic artists from Eugene’s community, almost entirely part of the Glossolalia Records roster, this act stands as a separate and unique entity even within its own “scene,” for lack of a better word. While the tumultuous black metal of Grst and lush, sorrowful doom of Maestus may fit more within the general outsiders’ perception of extreme music from the Pacific Northwest, few artists create music quite like that which Noctis presents on Through the Abyssal Eye.

At its core, the reason Through the Abyssal Eye stands as an atmospheric album is the undercurrent of pulsing dark ambient and brooding black metal fuzz that threaten to suffocate even the most gnarled of old school death metal riffs pushed through the musical fabric. It makes sense, then, that this album’s eponymous A-side is a sixteen minute composition divided into four segments (the B-side is two complementary tracks which flow with equal weight, but exist separately from this composition). With thirty-two minutes of horror in total, one gets the sense that even the artist behind the music is somewhat overwhelmed by the immensity of what has been summoned. With churning riffs that create a swollen sense not unlike musical motion sickness, Noctis offers just enough ambiance and space to keep the listener from abandoning hope entirely, making the journey painful yet not impossible.

Today, Black Metal & Brews is fortunate enough to share a stream of this epic’s second section, “The Disintegration Principle.” With militaristic focus and a clashing of instruments that seems to ceaselessly fold into itself, the song’s very structure seems constantly at risk of collapse, yet some vile sinews remain at even the most chaotic moments. With Noctis serving as a conduit for madness more than a conductor, the cloaked and otherworldly howls that ring out seem less like a lyrical vessel and more like the embodiment of uncertainty, tension, and the suffering of ordeals beyond comprehension. Listen below and prepare yourselves for this limited cassette, coming out March 27th on Glossolalia Records.