DEATHSTENCH- “Piercing the Abysmal Womb” Premiere

Deathstench- "Piercing the Abysmal Womb"

In the early morning hours of April 4th, 2015, a blood moon eclipse occurred. As it was the third in the tetrad blood moon cycle, the purveyors of lunar black noise, DEATHSTENCH, have offered up yet another song in its honor. While songs like “Blood on Black Hilt” and “Crowned Brow of the Serpent” showcased the band’s strength in guitar-heavy black metal with only elements of noise, today we visit with “Piercing the Abysmal Womb,” a song rooted in the death industrial atmospheres that have made this act so essential in the underground.

I’ll admit, dear reader, that I have little knowledge of the things that make a blood moon so special, so my friend Darea Plantin from DEATHSTENCH has written an accompaniment to this sonic offering that does far more justice than my own words and internet searching could ever accomplish. While this insight into the artists’ processes and inspirations serves to slightly pull back the veil, the horror and mystery that cloak the band’s music is still present here. Plantin notes that, in an effort to capture the feeling of the Three of Swords card, many scraping noises were added to this song by playing a bowed cymbal. The sense of blades being sharpened and prepared for cutting through the chaos is strong in this track as a whole and it shows itself strongly over the endless low-end rumbles that feel like the whole world coming to an abrupt halt. To accompany this sensation, John Paul Whetzel’s vocals and muted (yet slowly building) guitar work are at their peak here, crowning in madness only at the very end of the track. If this dark terror is only the third in this series, one can only imagine what awaits for the fourth and final blood moon eclipse, which will occur this coming September. Brace yourselves and enter the abysmal womb below.