Oude Geuze Boon & Heathen


All right folks, it’s time for another video of Black Metal & Brews at its finest, with me sampling a classic beer and listening to a tape that’s following a classic style. Today we’re checking out Brouwerij Boon‘s Oude Geuze Boon and Heathen’s self-titled cassette release from Caligari Records. I’ll admit that I leave my knowledge of lambics out of this video for the most part, forgetting to mention that this is a blend of both old and young lambic, so please watch this with that little tidbit in mind. The two balance each other nicely and it makes for a deep and enriching drinking experience.

Heathen’s┬ámusic is explored at slightly greater depth in this video and it’s really worth your time. As always (whenever possible) I’m embedding the full album stream beneath my YouTube video to tantalize those who are on the fence. It’s a mammoth of an album and I’m a total sucker for the dungeon synth vibes going on in “The Forest Turns to Stone (II).” If you like your black metal mid-paced, cold, and melodic in a more traditional way, this is one worth examining at greater length.