Sixpoint Abigale & King Diamond

Abigail & Abigale

There comes a time when something is too good to avoid. When I first saw Sixpoint’s Abigale sitting on a shelf, it took about five seconds to register that this video was going to happen. I neither owned King Diamond‘s Abigail on tape nor did I know how good the beer would be, but it was one of those opportunities that had to be seized. Now that I’ve taken the time to act like a total goof and make this video, I’m really glad I did it.

King Diamond’s Abigail is an album that has impacted me heavily over the course of my experiences as a fan of all things metal. While it may not be extreme enough to fit within the normal parameters of the Black Metal & Brews video channel, it’s an album that has influenced enough extreme music to grant itself an exemption. Sixpoint’s Abigale is a beer that leaves me on the fence. I think that it diverges greatly from the abbey ale style I anticipated upon purchasing and that it’s taken me a couple of visits with Abigale to realize where the beer’s strengths lie. In all, I’m glad to have tried it and it’s really an interestingly made beer, but it doesn’t really resemble the source of its inspiration. With this, I give you my video and I urge you to seek out both Abigale and Abigail if you’re able to find them in your region.