Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and Rosen & Spyddet

I’ve realized lately that when I commit to doing a series, or in this case just a set, of related posts, I find myself better prepared to really tackle the whole project in a timely fashion. Today we’re going to sit with a Synths & Suds video which will be accompanied by a similar Black Metal & Brews video tomorrow. The reason for this? We’ve got two variants on the famed Sculpin from Ballast Point. It’s a well-known touchstone for west coast IPA excellence and I thought it would be fun to review the offshoots.

Today’s video sets us up with a Grapefruit Sculpin and Venezianske Fantasier by Rosen & Spyddet. The tape is fantastic and the beer is surprisingly smooth drinking yet retains that dry, piney bite that one might expect. For full details on each, watch the video below and laugh at my outrageously untamed hair. If you find yourself enthralled by the tape, check up on Janushoved for more great music in the same vein. If you find yourself curious about the beer, find a local retailer and see what you think.