Hop Soda & Dunnock

Well gosh, this is a first. I’m filing this under beer reviews, but today’s video is an entirely alcohol-free experience, safe for anybody willing to subject their ears to a little bit of droning turbulence. I’ve learned over time that many of my favorite folks in the music community are of a similar mind musically but don’t partake in the consumption of alcohol. Instead of continuing to make videos that only partially cater to these friends, I’ve decided to throw in the occasional review of fancy and fun sodas and other beverages.

In today’s video, I’ve paired my personalized B-side from Dunnock’s 2014 promo tape with a delicious little can of Hop Soda. It was a fun video to make, although I felt a bit silly and self-conscious about sitting and analyzing a soda. Still, I hope that all of you will enjoy this video, whether you’re a daily beer drinker or have a lifelong commitment to the straight-edge lifestyle. Let me know if you have other suggestions for good sodas, because I don’t even know where to begin!