Alesmith’s Old Numbskull Barleywine & Akitsa

Friends, family, and fans(?), it’s my delight to return with a video feature. I’m sure you noticed a small attempt at getting things back in order over the summer, but a loaner laptop simply wasn’t enough to get things rolling. I’ve got a computer of my own now and a lot of great things to share with the world. Black Metal & Brews has always been a challenge for me, but it’s a challenge I celebrate.

With a return to form, it’s clear that things won’t be quite the same as they have been, but this is only an opportunity to grow and learn. Black Metal & Brews is now just over three years old, and it’s time to take this site out of its infancy and into the future. Expect a formal “update” type post soon. For now, it’s so great to share a drink with you guys. Enjoy a potent barleywine along with Akitsa and their newest tape, Grands Tyrans. Cheers!