Sierra Nevada and Crux Paddle Trail Ale & K.L.L.K.

Big collaborations between breweries can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s a great way for a smaller brewer to gain larger exposure and other times it seems like an ill advised experiment geared towards selling something weird. Fortunately for those of us who love Crux and Sierra Nevada, Paddle Trail Session IPA is a delicious and smooth sipper. I enjoyed a four-pack of it over the last couple weeks and decided to use the last of the pack to film this video.

As a pairing, I decided to play a track from the most recent K.L.L.K. cassette,¬†Between the First¬†Heliocentric Wind and the Great Devourer of Light¬†which was released by Mithra! Infrasound. Pretty sure I got my songs mixed up, but you’ll get a feel for it anyway. I also really dropped the ball by neglecting to mention that the tape came with a bag of tea and some myrrh. Brilliant packaging paired with good music is almost always a surefire way to win my heart. This band and label seem to be at the beginning of their potential, so keep an eye out. If you missed this one, you don’t want to miss whatever comes next. Enjoy the video if you’re into that sort of thing. Warning: there is a cat in almost the entire video.