Hair of the Dog’s Adam

Okay friends, it’s time for yet another video of me drinking beer and doing what I do but this time there’s no cassette tape. It’s just me, beer, and a little chat about some great concerts I recently attended. I’m aware I’ve done videos without music in them before, but for some reason this one just felt different to me. I’ve had a number of folks tell me that they find what I do soothing, relaxing, or even just really pleasant. I figured I’d play into that a bit here and I’ll admit I’m a bit self-conscious about this. I’m not comfortable with just a video of me talking, but I’m also not comfortable with continuing to do the same thing for countless videos in a row. Innovation and new ideas are what I celebrate in others, so I hope you folks enjoy this new idea of mine.  Hair of the Dog‘s legendary Adam is as good of a beer as I could hope to have for a video like this, so check it out and grab a bottle for yourself to enjoy while you watch me ramble about seeing Chameleons Vox and Kraftwerk last month.