Sapthuran- “Hildegicil – Blood Dripping From a Sword”

Sapthuran - Hildegicil

It’s been a while since the world last heard from Sapthuran. This USBM artist has been taking listeners to places both solemn and majestic for quite some time, crafting a sense of the beauty one can find in isolation. In the seven years since The Wanderer, Sapthuran has clearly been busy. With impending CD release, Hildegicil – Blood Dripping from a Sword, which is currently up for pre-order on Foreign Sounds, Sapthuran offers up two pieces over the course of ten tracks. The sheer length of these compositions allows Sapthuran to craft ambitious sounds without cramming it all into minute segments of garbage. Instead, this is an album that feels like a voyage into deep woods on a quest to find oneself.

Today, Black Metal & Brews has the honor of sharing “Steadfast Resilience VIII,” the third portion of the album’s second song. At just over seven minutes in length, it’s the longest track on the album and it’s one hell of an experience. Somber melodies lead the way in, reinforced by consistent and slow drumming that serves as a subtle backbone to one of Sapthuran’s strongest moments to date. The guitars fit the perfect balance between pure beauty and a classic jagged black metal edge, carrying the listener to a victorious sensation. While the song works brilliantly in the album’s context, it still stands strong independent of anything else. Listen now and prepare yourself for the complete package by snagging a couple of the Sapthuran reissues that Foreign Sounds is releasing on tape to coincide with this new album. If analog is your preferred format, please find a copy of this album on tape courtesy of Vanguard Productions.