Ayinger Oktoberfest Marzen & Recent Concerts (Predatory Light, Vanum, Lluvia, Sutekh Hexen & More)

Ayinger Oktoberfest

Hey friends. This video almost didn’t make the cut to be featured on my website. Technological difficulties run rampant in my life, it seems, and my phone straight up ran out of storage space with no warning while I was filming this. What does that mean for you, dear viewer? No proper ending to this video, just a little blip and that’s that.

Still, I felt it was unprofessional of me to exclude a video featuring one of my favorite seasonal beers. While I could’ve easily bought another and remade this, I can’t bring myself to get too classy and polished here. As YouTube music review pro Myke C-Town said to me: “fuck that. Metal isn’t made to be professional.” So here it is, raw and unplanned as your favorite basement demo recording tape from the mid-90s, me rambling about a few killer shows while drinking the best Oktoberfest beer on the market.