Manticore & Ritual Slaughter – “Depraved Sacraments” Full Album Stream

Manticore & Ritual Slaughter "Depraved Sacraments"

It’s been a good while since Black Metal & Brews has had the honor of hosting an entire album stream. Today we’re all lucky enough that not only has it happened again, but it’s an album that scrapes at the deepest recesses of filthy black metal. Tomorrow, Depraved Sacraments will be officially released on Tridroid Records. With seven minutes of stomach-churning black death from Manticore on the A-side and two shorter but no less furious offerings from Ritual Slaughter to complement it, this is one of those albums that won’t garner the mainstream limelight but will generate serious buzz among diehards.


Manticore’s role in the extreme underground is already well established by this point, with fifteen years of carnage and no real sign of slowing down or mellowing out. “Black Sheep Amongst the Wolves” is every bit as predatory and mesmerizing as one would hope: cavernous black horror is riddled with surprises and shifts of pace to keep things interesting and diverse. It’s a song that is timeless and addictive, as the energy and bile are modern and hideous, yet there are solos that sound reminiscent of early Obituary and other classics, showing a band straddling eras and influences brilliantly.

For an act with no prior history, Ritual Slaughter is starting their recorded career with as much strength as one could imagine. “Sworn to Profanation” crawls in with horrific majesty while “Demonic Conversions” is a barn-burner of the highest order. There’s a calculated ferocity to these songs that makes them sound like the work of an act of equal history to Manticore. It’s safe to say that Ritual Slaughter’s production is slightly thinner than Manticore’s, yet this partnership works wonderfully for both acts. It’s refreshing to see Manticore taking a small risk by collaborating with an unknown and Ritual Slaughter shows clear mastery of their genre already with this debut offering. Lose yourself to the chaos of blasphemous black metal with Depraved Sacraments if you dare.