The Way to Light- “The Howling Twilight” (Includes Exclusive Premiere)

The Way to Light - The Howling Twilight

The Way to Light is an artist whose music has always felt just as visual as it is a musical experience. Whether conjuring the sight of one’s own breath on a chilly evening or a shimmering emptiness, there’s a balanced sense of darkness being cut through by just the tiniest strand of light. With The Howling Twilight, we see The Way to Light’s meandering tendencies being honed and focused to make these visual and personal associations even sharper and just the slightest bit darker than before. Muted percussion, echoing strings, and whispers of solemnity all linger around, serving as a backdrop for a mood that is intangible yet ever-present.

There is a desolation that seems to envelop this album, tying the songs together with a subtle gloom. In many ways, the album’s title hits home perfectly; the songs are hazy and cold, but not without their little glimpses of peace and calmness behind the looming dark. While the instrumentation of these songs falls somewhere into the folk music category, the murk and ambiance that settle in and around the music keeps them from sitting in any one genre. It’s an experience rarely conjured elsewhere in folk or ambient music and it’s one that begs for repeated listens.

Today Black Metal & Brews has the honor of sharing the song “Never Severed,” a ten-minute offering of ethereal emptiness and silent contemplation. Its length and recurring musical themes have the capacity to put the listener in a state that is outside of time and location. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself clicking on for repeat listens after the song ends, as it’s the sort of experience that really can’t be followed by anything other than the same atmosphere and energy. The Way to Light may not deal in the most uplifting music on the market, but you may find peace within The Howling Twilight all the same. Pre-order a copy from Grimoire Cassette Cvlture while you can.