Dead Procession- “Rituais e Mantras do Medo” Interview & Album Stream

Rituais e Mantras do Medo

Some artists are shrouded in secrecy by choice, with no apparent reason or cause. It feels like a tired way of presenting a band in an era where the internet reveals all things. With this in mind, groups like Dead Procession remind us of the potent power of ritual, distance, and the veil between the artist and the listener, sharing just enough to retain intrigue while upholding the mystery and marvel at the core of it all. Tomorrow, Dead Procession will be releasing their record Rituais e Mantras do Medo on Labyrinth Productions, a sub-label of the mighty Altare Productions. Black Metal & Brews has the honor of streaming this album in full for your personal enrichment and was fortunate enough to conduct a brief interview with Dead Procession.

The album is the aural equivalent of walking through endlessly twisting corridors in shades of gray. There may seem to be a destination in mind, but the process itself is the entire point of it all. This is definitely a step to the side when compared to prior releases, like their split with fellow Portuguese cult act Black Cilice, but is by no means a departure. Percussion and rhythm are pronounced here, yet the atmosphere is still murky and mournful. True to the album’s name and theme, the sense that this is all part of some ritual is overwhelming. Post-punk and goth acts may share sonic similarities, but this feels more at home in a collection besides hypnotic and forceful black metal or dark ambient demos than anything else. Rituas e Mantras do Medo is easily one of the year’s early standouts and you can enjoy it in full while reading my brief interview with the band. Enjoy. (It’s not working as a playlist, so here’s each song, in sequence).


Dead Procession has formed out of seeming obscurity with only a handful of limited releases prior to the split with Black Cilice. What prompted this sudden desire to emerge and why the lengthy gap between the demos and the newer material?

Creation has no pre-defined rules. This means that periods of prolific production can originate times of long silence and vice versa. Also, at this level of deeply personal underground music, not all creation is meant to be shown to a wider audience. This time, the album came together in a way that made sense release it as such.

In my point of view, the biggest gap between the demos and this album is not temporal. The sound evolved from a sort of mindscape music (the demos) to a sort of real action music (the album) with the split track working as a link between both kinds.

Your members are anonymous and unaddressed in all materials dispersed for the world to engage with. How do you feel anonymity lends itself to your music and message?

Music, as any kind of art, must be appreciated by what it is. Nothing worse than a preconception that will make us like or dislike because we know or see the artist. Unfortunately most artists, in all kinds of art, are betrayed by their own egos and aim too much for acceptation, recognition, fame, etc. The essence of what it is done in Dead Procession is bigger than anyone involved.
Dead Procession

Is the ritualistic nature of your music the primary purpose or is a tool you use to enhance the songs?

The ritual is a way to achieve a certain state of mind and spirit. This particular state of consciousness is the purpose. Recorded music is just a memorial of that particular moment, of that mental state.

There’s a more pronounced structure and sense of production on the songs on Rituas e Mantras do Medo. Was this a natural progression or a more deliberate shift in sound? 

This is natural and deliberate at the same time. To achieve the needed strength and intensity, new elements needed to be added. But despite this evolution I feel this recording will remain a puzzle for most listeners. This is far from being easy-listening music, even without using distortion or harsh vocals.

How did you find yourself moving from smaller releases to working with a label like Altare? What are your future plans for Dead Procession?

Altare is so deeply connected to the Portuguese underground, that releasing from Labyrinth/Altare is far from dealing with a record label in the traditional/usual sense. No plan is set but Dead Procession will remain active and new music will emerge soon.

Rituais e Mantras do Medo comes out tomorrow, March 1st on Labyrinth Productions.