Baby’s First Roadburn: Day One

Noel Fielding's "Fantasy Man"

It’s one in the morning on the eighth of April. My roommate Lauren and I spent most of the evening witnessing comedian Noel Fielding perform live when I should’ve been preparing for a huge trip to come. It might not have been the wisest decision for my sleep schedule but the laughs and spontaneity of the whole thing were well worth it. My cat is asleep next to me on the couch and I’m sitting here typing instead of packing my bags. I’m scheduled to catch an airplane out of town in just under six hours. I’m as well prepared as I can be, yet last minute anxiety is creeping in. I’ve got my bearings and all my ducks in a row, but this is that inevitable dread that can’t be avoided. It sits deep in my gut before any travel, but I know that in just a few hours it’ll be replaced by pure excitement as I prepare myself for a trip to Roadburn.

I’m on my way first to New York City, where I’ll be meeting up with all sorts of creative types and friends I’ve met through the glory of heavy metal and the power of the internet. I’m telling myself that I’ll write while I’m in the air on my flight to JFK, but at this delirious hour the only thing on my mind is sleep. I’m poring over schedules and all the things I could do while I’m traveling and it’s honestly a step away from overwhelming. I haven’t left Portland city limits for more than a brief hike in over two years. This trip for a festival in another country to witness some of my favorite bands is an experience that I still can’t really comprehend.

My itinerary for days to come is still relatively loose, but I know I’ll be visiting many museums and record stores in the few days I’m in New York. I anticipate I’ll spend most of my time in Brooklyn. Perhaps a visit to Brooklyn Brewery is in order. I wonder what other great food and drink I’ll find? It’s really hard to say. This initial post feels more like lip service than a real update, but it’s an important part of the process. I’m about to embark on a journey to new cities for the purpose of experiencing new things. If I can’t conjure up the exhausted familiarity of life before the trip, then the true spectacle of what comes next will be rendered slightly pointless, no?

These travel entries may be slightly personal, so for those who are here for musical content exclusively, I thank you for your patience. In a few days’ time, the content of my travels will be decidedly more musical. Yellow Eyes are playing my last night in New York, so expect a concert review before I even leave the United States. It’s currently time for me to actually get to work on packing these bags, but I look forward to sharing more with you folks very soon.