Gloga- “Material Hangover” Premiere

Gloga- Material Hangover

Music can be a hard thing to categorize, especially when it has a profound impact on the listener. While Black Metal & Brews often serves as a home for my poetic ramblings about the beauty of one particular album or another, there are times where I’m simply gripped by the beauty of something and find all words inadequate. When assessing the self-described “loving electronics” of Texas based artist Gloga, I find myself grasping at straws. While songs on Material Hangover often cover familiar territory, I can’t give a name or a comparison to the experiences found on this album, but I know that I love the whole damn thing.

From the slightly noisy, totally dance-worthy stomp of “Dyebath” (which feels like it came from a glorious alternate reality in which Posh Isolation dabbled in synthwave) to the urgent pulse of “Anxiety Wash,” Material Hangover maintains a diverse reach without feeling like a collection of unrelated sounds. My personal picks on an album full of gems are “Eyelasher” and “Indra.” The former is an upbeat yet melancholy piece that squeals in with clear noise influence yet quickly warms up to something that feels equally triumphant and mournful before disintegrating again all within the course of a few minutes while the latter feels like the album’s closing statement, reveling in fuzzy bliss to wind things down. Gloga’s greatest strength may be the capacity to create a tiny musical universe within a span of minutes. Each song feels infinitely longer than it really is, yet never wears out its welcome. In an impatient age of convenience when it’s easy to click from song to song, Material Hangover is an album that retains the listener’s attention without gimmicks or “gotcha” moments, but instead is simply too beautiful to turn off and too full of variety to become humdrum.

Material Hangover will be released on Saturday, May 7th through Plush Organics. Listen to the full stream here and tell your friends.