Pastel Voids issues new Street Value music video

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about Pastel Voids, but with a new music video accompanying an impending tape release, it’s high time we rectify that. Street Value is a new act to these ears, but the oscillating synthesizers, endless beats, and static accompaniment are instantly at home. It’s dance-ready yet listenable in a refreshing way, much like most of the label’s roster. For those not yet familiar, Pastel Voids has released jams by electronic geniuses like Metropol and Jock Club while also serving as the home for industrial noise/metal act Gasoline Rainbows, which is an act that still excites me with each listen.

In this brief video for an excerpt of the first track from their new album, Studies SS16, Street Value shares overlapping videos of crowded public spaces to complement the claustrophobic, constant rhythms of their music. The footage has a warm haze that pairs nicely with the melodies this duo crafts, conjuring a sense of remembrance like a faded postcard from another time. Street Value’s Studies SS16 comes out on July 22nd, but you can pre-order the tape from the Pastel Voids bandcamp page, along with new releases by Void Opening, Getto Soul, and Jónó Mí Ló. For those who primarily hang on the noisy side of things, you should at least check out the Void Opening release, which features throbbing rhythms and blankets of static that pair together brilliantly at the intersection of experimentation. For now, watch the Street Value video and check out the summer batch, which has streaming samples below the music video for your listening enjoyment and personal enrichment.