Experimental label Aught Void releases 5 new tapes

Aught Void new batch

This is an update worth noting. Aught Void is a Canadian label I’ve been following since its earliest days, with releases by essential artists like V. Sinclair, RM, Vomir, and Moss Harvest. I was quite excited to see that the label is releasing five new tapes, mostly from new (to me) artists. While shipping outside of Canada isn’t the cheapest, ordering all five releases together is the best way to maximize your benefit. If cassettes aren’t your thing, you’ll get a real deal by visiting the Aught Void bandcamp page (which also has a sixth release, digital only for those not directly in contact with the artist) and downloading these gems immediately. Here’s a brief synopsis of the batch, including streaming of all releases at the bottom of this post.

Resign’s Among Trees is an album both conceptual in its theme and in its delivery. For the cassette obsessives, this release is designed for two different speeds and shimmers like the beautiful delirium of sleeplessness. It makes sense, given that this is a soundtrack of sorts for long-distance phone calls. Consider me fascinated. Autumn Pool’s Balm in the Night Air is, for lack of better terminology, humid in its delivery. It’s warm and feels like rays of light cutting through a water’s surface. I instantly find myself envisioning secret spring and summer night adventures with this as the soundtrack. Gorgeous loops for inquisitive minds. Braeyden Jae is the one familiar face here, with prior releases on Spring Break Tapes. On Less Fucked/Familiar Spaces, Braeyden Jae moves forward while revisiting and restructuring past work as well. The fragmented electronic drone here is familiar without feeling stale. There’s a tension and relief that grow in a symbiotic beauty throughout. Fans of noise artist Pleasure Island will be thrilled to see related project Whitewater making an appearance, with Independent CouncilPolitical conspiracy and throbbing beats pair nicely to create a sense of paranoia. It’s an intriguing exploration of one of the stranger scandals of the 90s and the music itself stands strong enough that the thematic presentation is a fun aid but not the backbone of the release. The sparseness of “Independent Council IV” is my personal highlight, but the whole thing is worth your time. Finally, for the most adventurous among us there’s Harbour District’s ​(​44​.​626070​,​-​63​.​559752​). It’s a collection of hand-spliced field recordings with no instrumentation or post-processing, and it’s a lot to take in. Distant wind, ambient nature sounds, vehicle horns and engines, and muffled conversation all overlap to create a rather unsettling atmosphere. It’s exactly what a successful field recording should be.

To order individual tapes, click the links above. For orders of five or more tapes (there are many other items in the Aught Void distro that aren’t quite so new, after all) send an email to aughtvoid@gmail.com for shipping quotes. These won’t last long and this label is essential for those of us seeking to expand our boundaries. To listen to samples of each tape, I’ve included bandcamp embeds for each album below. Dig in.