New Music Monday: Evigt Mörker & PKWST

Evigt Mörker

Dear readers, I’ve decided to migrate my weekly “new music discovery” posts from my Patreon account to the official Black Metal & Brews website. The Scavengers’ Sunday features have been fun, but I realize that there are enough folks simply popping in here on the actual site who would never know about those posts and the great music contained within. With that in mind, here’s the first edition of your New Music Monday posts. These posts are due to the generosity and kindness of my friends on Patreon, although everybody gets to reap the benefits. Still, if you’d like to help contribute to my writing addiction, I’ll be sure to make it worth your while.

Today we’re starting this post with an emphasis on the electronic. I clicked a link to an Evigt Mörker song while on a random YouTube hole and didn’t expect what I found. The art was minimalist and I assumed I’d be in for some sort of icy black metal. Instead, the slick and sparse electronic music I found was equally intriguing. Folks who found beauty and joy in my recent discoveries on the Perfect Aesthetics label will find themselves enchanted by the cold melodies and subdued beats on each of Evigt Mörker’s releases. I started with the appropriately titled I but any of these are welcome. This Swedish project draws its inspiration from a contemplative place, yet the overall effect is one of growth and beauty. Highly recommended for fans of electronic music of any sort.


Many fans of raw black metal overlook its sonic kinship with noise. Artists like PKWST are poised to help bridge the gap for those who can’t otherwise see the similarities. Horrifying ambiance cuts through layers of static black metal and eerie spoken word samples to make for something that is almost palatable yet is defiantly unwelcoming. In a way, it calls to mind a harsher, more formless distillation of elements presented by bands like Absum. Still, this stands entirely on its own as a clipped and torn-up series of sound collages. Power electronics for raw metal enthusiasts. Black metal for those seeking a freedom from conventional song structures. Some of PKWST’s material has been issued on cassette by the excellent Defiled Light label, so it should be a no-brainer to check this one out.