New Music Monday: Bootblacks


It’s been a good little bit since once of these has appeared, so it’s only appropriate that it comes back with one of 2016’s most exciting albums that almost slipped under the radar. Bootblacks has been a band of note since their 2013 EP, Narrowed. Despite loving their earlier work, I failed to notice a full-length was released this April. After catching an astonishing live set in September, I looked the band up online and fell in love with Veins almost immediately. Songs like “Pastlives” hammer down feelings of pure heartache while others like “Sub” tread some sort of tragic middle ground between classics like New Order and modern energy of acts like Sextile. It’s a brilliant display of synth-driven post-punk with guitar lines that serve as textures rather than dominant leads, and each song’s pacing and energy deviates from the last in a way that keeps the album’s flow fresh and constant. Don’t take my word for it, stream the whole thing below and download it for the price that seems appropriate to you. New York residents can catch Bootblacks on October 29th  at The Gateway as part of a tour with Liste Noire in Brooklyn. Black Metal & Brews will be there to witness it and it’d be great to grab a drink with all my friends and readers who might be in the area. Also, since a large portion of my readers and friends are located in Portland, Oregon, I highly urge you to catch Bootblacks at the High Water Mark on November 4th.