Label Spotlight & Premiere: Funeral Party Records

Funeral Party Records

Established approximately a year ago, post-punk-centric label Funeral Party Records hit the ground running. Given that Black Metal & Brews is hopelessly devoted to The Cure, who wrote the song the label took its name from, this was something that was high on the radar from day one. With an initial batch of releases including Night Sins’ fabulous Days on Shimmer and Drip 12″ EP and Soft Kill’s Heresy cassette, the label set out with a clear vision and a roster of quality to match. Over the months that followed, the label continued to expand its roster with dream pop, punk, and anything else that fits its high standards. While a choice pick here at Black Metal & Brews is clearly the vinyl reissue of Captive’s incredible Black Leather Glove cassette, we’re going to focus on a few recent releases that haven’t received love on this site yet. Stick through to the end, friends, because this feature ends with a premiere from a currently unannounced, unreleased tape that Funeral Party is working on at the moment.

First, it’s damn near impossible to mention current Funeral Party activity without mentioning the impending vinyl edition of Draa‘s self-titled EP. While the label already released the cassingle for “Losing My Charm,” this gem has been long overdue for a physical pressing. It’s an album of subdued, yet masterful post-punk that leans towards the ethereal side of things. If you’re not yet acquainted and you feel like taking a moment of respite from harsher sounds, this is a perfect opportunity. Check it out now in anticipation of its release next Friday, October 28th.

Savage Blind God - Skinny Lizard

Picking things up a bit and showcasing another side to the label’s output is the newest release from vicious punk band Savage Blind God, entitled Skinny Lizard. If the band’s demo from last year excited you, then this new output will set things rightly in order. It’s bigger and fuller without losing any of its edge. “Barking Hymns” squeals in with a fury that reminds of Raspberry Bulbs’ older material and the band spends the album’s brief duration stomping and thrashing its way through five tracks of pure energy. For all the feral force, the band maintains a rare composure and form on songs like “Salting Thee.” Stream the whole thing over at CVLT Nation. This cassette is currently up for pre-order and will be officially released on October 28th.
Garden of Mary

Yet another fork in the road, dear reader, takes us in a dreary direction towards Garden of Mary, whose debut cassette The Agony of Memory was released not long ago. It’s the dreariest release featured here, and possibly the most chilling thing the label has put out to date. Full production and layered synthesizer supplement a detached, sullen take on post-punk in a way that makes it feel like the biggest sadness imaginable. The crispness of the production would often sterilize a release of such nature, but instead it adds to the poignant, punchy coldness here. With a nod to the classics, Garden of Mary tactfully keeps things equally fresh and timeless. Listen below and grab one of the remaining tapes.

Lunacy - Life We Choose to Follow

Rounding out this article is the newest addition to the Funeral Party roster: Lunacy. This relatively new artist performs a kind of pensive music that sounds like sun-bleached photographs of days gone by, escaping genre entirely and settling into a place of pure emotion. It’s stripped bare, with a basic drum machine as the artist’s sole accompaniment. Lunacy’s new release, Life We Choose to Follow consists of four songs that explore common human struggles. Today, Black Metal & Brews is honored to premiere “TAR,” a song that examines the deep personal weaknesses that none of us can escape. It’s warm in sound and cold at heart, with a driving swell of sound that carries the emotional emptiness of the song to troubling heights. With three songs left to unveil, this gives great promise its official release on November 25th. Lunacy will be opening for King Dude and Destroying Angel at Milkboy in Philadelphia this Sunday, October 23rd.