New Music Monday: Paralys


The intention of New Music Monday was originally to feature things that might not have otherwise made it onto the radar. Sometimes this is things that are new to me, yet are not quite new releases. In other instances, this can represent a band that has not yet released a proper album but has a demo ready for our enjoyment. This week, I’m thrilled to share a band that’s as fresh as it gets. With only one demo track recorded, Paralys is something of a blank slate for now. It’s fitting that it breaks here, as this is doubtlessly something that fits a need many of us have.

Will this prove to be a standard? It’s impossible to say at this early date, but I’m quite fond of the song that’s been shared and I’m eager to hear more. It’s not a groundbreaking song, but as a fan of black metal’s more melancholy characteristics, this demo hits almost every sweet spot. The mid-paced mourning that makes up the body of the song is done precisely as it should be, with punchy drums that punctuate the melody and howls that are neither buried nor dominant in the mix. Fans of atmospheric black metal will feel right at home here, as I have over the course of listening to Paralys a handful of times over the last couple weeks. Paralys is currently working on an album entitled Dethroning the Realm of Illusion. If this track is any indication, we’re in for a treat.