New Music Monday: Sanguine Relic

Sanguine Relic

New Music Monday is often a feature designed to highlight a brand new discovery. For those on the more avid side of black metal cassette scavenging, Sanguine Relic is a hot item rather than a new name. Still, I realize that the average Black Metal & Brews reader will appreciate this and it does coincide with the creation of a new cassette imprint. While this act was initially part of the Defiled Light collective, that group has dissolved and made way for Perverse Homage. With this new offering, Blood on Old Altars in Remembrance, Perverse Homage is off to a strong start and Sanguine Relic continues to impress.


From the sparse visual aesthetic to the music itself, Sanguine Relic creates the stark black metal atmosphere that most bands strive for yet fail to reach.  There is a mystery and passion to both the music and the artist’s method of conveying it that create a sense of timelessness and weight that are often missing from the genre these days. I could list old favorites that intrigue and challenge, but it would only take away from the sincerity and intensity of these songs. The production is justifiably gnarled, yet the clamor of guitars and shrill vocals is still well broken up by percussive hits, allowing the entire package to shine without feeling polished or sterile in any way. The genre is not being pushed to new territory here, yet it is being sharpened like a well loved blade. It is potent, memorable, and instantly familiar without losing its distinction. Sanguine Relic and their peers have already achieved a level of notoriety in the underground. It’s time for the rest of the metal world to take note, though it’s unlikely the artists have much interest in the attention. Perhaps that’s why it works so well.

This cassette sold out almost immediately from Perverse Homage, but the digital album is easily obtained.