Song Premiere: Rudra- “Acosmic Self”

Rudra - Enemy of Duality

It’s rare for Black Metal & Brews to get to premiere tracks from bands that are more than a few years older than the site itself, so today we’ve got a real treat on our hands. For those not yet familiar with Singaporean institution Rudra, let this be your primer. The band’s fusion of many flavors of extreme metal into their self-described brand of “Vedic Metal” is potent and unique without being so off the wall as to be inconsistent or unpleasant. On the band’s newest release, Enemy of Dualitythe band manages to channel droning folk traditionalism as a strong undercurrent and backbone upon which a more focused, precise assault of clean and vicious death metal is crafted.

The song “Acosmic Self” is as gnarled and furious as any track on the album, eschewing subtlety and pretense in favor of a forward and venomous approach. No friendly introduction, no solace, just metal mastery. Despite the name’s implicit otherworldly quality, this song is earth and fire embodied, with blastbeats and ominous leads driving the song ever onward. The description may seem chaotic, but Rudra is competent and controlled in its delivery, creating a balance that is well suited to the song’s subject matter. If the song’s initial segment seems too staid for the more adventurous listener, the solo breaks it all down soulfully much like earlier American death metal’s greats. It’s a pairing that is necessary and refreshing. Despite the band’s claim to be an enemy of duality, it seems that Rudra’s capacity to rest on the edge of two worlds is its greatest strength and we’re all a bit better off for it.

Enemy of Duality will be released on December 17th on Transcending Obscurity Asia.