Kill Your Boyfriend- “Ghosts”

Kill Your Boyfriend - Ghosts

Appearances are often deceiving. A band named Kill Your Boyfriend might, to my imagination, sound like something that one would catch as a local opener on a stop at the Mayhem Tour or an equally prominent festival. For a band with such a name to appear on Black Metal & Brews (with ample sonic justification) makes it clear that there’s far more than meets the eye with this Italian duo. With moments of pure industrial noise and other experimentation melding with more easily digested electronic and tasteful pop elements, Kill YourBoyfriend’s new EP, Ghosts, has a bit of something for most fans of outsider electronic music, yet never feels like it’s stretching too hard.

With each of its four songs, Ghosts explores unique territory, presumably touching upon the stories or histories of men in a particular individual’s past. On songs like “Man 1” and “Man 5” there is a haunting balance of ambiance and the tension of restraint, often bordering on oppressive yet never fully careening into the nihilism of outright noise.  Lead single “Man 4” offers something that is simultaneously catchy and slightly unsettling, while “Man 9” displays a bare, claustrophobic sense of rhythm that treads the line between all of the aforementioned approaches. The result is a collection that is cohesive without feeling samey and diverse without a forced sense of placement. Kill Your Boyfriend has created something that stretches in many directions all at once. This approach shows great promise and a strong sense of purpose, leaving us to hope that future efforts will remain similarly balanced and focused.

Ghosts will be officially released on December 9th in both cassette and digital formats, courtesy of Shyrec Records. Enjoy the stream above in the meantime and visit the Shyrec bandcamp to place pre-orders.