Plush Organics Launches Powerful New Batch

That’s right, one of Black Metal & Brews’ favorite independent experimental labels, Plush Organics, is about to unveil its first new releases in the better part of a year. Tomorrow, April 1st, we’ll see the label responsible for some of the most intriguing “loving electronics” unveiling three new cassettes. In addition to the triumphant return of Korean Jade (my point of entry to the label as a whole, thanks to a fucking massive one-off release on Colloquial Sound Recordings‘ Locust Leg imprint), there are new tapes from La Science des Reves and Xtematic included. Since these aren’t really up and out for public consumption just yet, I thought I’d help get your Friday night in the right spirit with samples from each of these.

Xtematic NEXT

We’ll start things off with the jarring ambient noise of Xtematic. Taken from the new tape, NEXT, this offering entitled “Formless Evolve Into” has the scratching, stirring nature of something that feels ready to pounce from a cold, damp corner, but remains just out of sight. It’s undeniably the most rooted in unease, yet it has an intrigue that develops over time. Envisioning this as part of a larger, more unsettling whole is easy, but you’ll have to be quick to grab one of the twenty copies of this one.

Korean Jade

Building from discomfort towards beauty is the return of Korean Jade. Taken from the new cassette, Exotic, is “Silktail.” Warm, yet mournful in a strange way, it builds into a buzzing sort of wall of melody. The whole thing fits into Korean Jade’s known formula for taking something beautiful and altering it just enough to make it uncomfortable, yet this feels like it’s coming from a gentler, more compassionate place. If you like your mellows slightly harshed, this is a perfect place to get your full dose. It’s blissful and fascinating. Twenty-five copies of Exotic go up for sale tomorrow, with five very special edition boxes including unique visual art by the artist and a second cassette, entitled You Are With Us Now. Don’t sleep on this, it’s vital.


Finally, we push the ambiance to the forefront with La Science Des Reves and “Variation III” from Random Variations. Thirty copies of this slow burner will be released tomorrow, and it’s just a pleasure to hear. Unwind with these silken strands of sound. It’s haunting, almost sad, yet delicate and human. This fusion of natural and synthesized sound touches on something that feels instinctively like comfort. It’s a place tucked away from the cold outside. If you, like me, find sleep to be equally serene and anxiety-inducing, this will serve as a balm for your evening time. Listen and enjoy to all of these below. Click through here to the Plush Organics store, which is currently full of classic older releases and will soon be updated to include the music mentioned in this article. Enjoy.